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Susan Carder
Mary Ann Foster
Chandra Kudsia
Dev Kudsia
Rajeev Kudsia
Peter Troop
Kathy Yates

Trek Leader
Sanjay Saxena

Peruvian Guides
Guido Huaman
Lixayda Vasquez


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Featuring the Mountain Lodges of Peru
October 25 to November 7, 2013

Greetings from the trekking group to Peru.

Saturday, November 2nd – TO LUCMA LODGE (6,900FT) AT LUCMABAMBA

Tour Schedule:: After an early breakfast, we depart the Colpa Lodge and traverse uphill before making another dramatic decent downhill to the rushing waters of the Santa Teresa River. We then follow the path down the Santa Teresa River Valley, a more or less “flat” trekking day, through more populated rural areas with coffee plantations (said to be one of the best organic coffees in the world!), bananas, ‘granadillas,’ and orchards. There are some fabulous waterfalls on display today, as well as breathtaking river views. We stop along the river for a wonderful hot picnic lunch. Continuing on another hour, we are met by a private vehicle, which takes us on a short 30-minute drive to the head of the “Llactapata Inca Trail.” From the trailhead it is a short uphill climb, approximately 30 minutes in duration, to the Lucma Lodge, set in an avocado orchard, surrounded by more acreage of coffee and banana plants. We arrive at Lucma in time to allow for exploration of the small village of Lucmabamba and possible meeting with members of the local community (contingent upon arrival time and availability).

From the Kudsia Brothers:
Today THE GROUP DECIDED TO DEVIATE FROM OUR PLANNED ITINERARY AND GO ZIP-LINING INSTEAD. Immediately on leaving the lodge we had a short, but steep and gorgeous descent down to the road by the Santa Teresa River, where a van was waiting for us. The drive to the zip-lining facility might have been just as exhilarating as the zip lining itself - 90 mines on a winding, single lane mountain road with precipitous drop on the valley side. Lixayda (our assistant guide) commented that the driver was the best in town………because he’s the ONLY driver in town!

We were greeted by very nice staff and 2 friendly German Shepard – one being a cute little pup and the second a giant, almost the size of a small mountain pony. After gearing up we hiked what turned out to be a tough incline to our first zip line (no escalators here!). Half the group had not zip-lined before but were full of gusto and there were lots of laughs, and maybe a few screams as we came down the mountain in a series of 6 lines, some over 1000 ft long.

After reaching home base we were served with another tasty lunch and then drove an hour or so to pick up the Inca trail on route to our last lodge.

On our way we stopped at a local coffee producer where we taste tested and purchased some organic coffee, hand picked, prepared and ground by local farmers.