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Featuring the Mountain Lodges of Peru
October 25 to November 7, 2013

Greetings from the trekking group to Peru.

Friday, November 1st – 31th – FROM WAYRA TO COLPA LODGE (9,200 FT)

Tour Schedule:: After the previous day’s very demanding trek, we enjoy a more leisurely day today. Following a relaxed breakfast at the Wayra Lodge, we bid farewell to the lodge staff and begin our further descent to the Colpa Lodge. Today’s trek finds us hiking downhill above the Salkantay River, through increasingly verdant scenery. This is an amazing part of our trek, with the varied topography and terrain evident in the dramatic descent from Salkantay, as snow-capped peak and glacial ravines give way to the lush jungle foliage so often associated with Peru and the Machu Picchu region. Making our way steadily downhill, we will pass many locals who use the route for their trade and travels. We finally ford the Salkantay River (photo above), and then have a short uphill section where we arrive at the Colpa Lodge. After being checked in by the lodge staff, we are treated to a traditional Peruvian “Pachamanca”-style lunch. In this process, an underground stone barbecue pit is prepared, with an amazing variety of delicious Peruvian potatoes and vegetables are prepared, as well as a variety of meats.

The Colpa Lodge is located in an open promontory at the confluence of three rivers. Again, the lodge’s hot tub is a real treat – not only for its relaxing qualities, helping us speed our convalescing after another day’s trek, but for its awesome setting, with prominent views of lush green mountains in every direction. As twilight descends, the jungle surrounding the lodge comes alive with the magical presence of fireflies and an awesomely clear view of the heavens (weather permitting, of course). Today’s trek is easy to moderate, lasting approximately 3-4 hours in duration.

with the staff of Wayra Lodge before starting our day's hike

From the Kudsia Brothers:
We continued our descent from the previous day into the cloud forest. From 15,200 feet and the site of beautiful glacier mountains the day before, to tree covered mountains, warm and wet climate today. Descending provides a different challenge than ascending – less heart pounding cardio and more careful and deliberate trekking which stresses the legs perhaps a little more.

Soon after leaving the lodge we had our last views of Salkantay peak, before we descended below the tree line to orchids, wild flowers and butterflies.

The trail pretty much followed the Salkantay river, which joins with the Santa Teresa river at our lodge.

After arriving at the lodge we played volleyball against the lodge staff. Legend has it that the staff have never lost…until today! After the game, we relaxed in the half moon hot tub facing the mountains. Several of us took advantage of the lodge’s massage therapist this evening.

fancy towel arrangements decorated our rooms at every lodge