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Mary Ann Foster
Chandra Kudsia
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Sanjay Saxena

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Lixayda Vasquez


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Featuring the Mountain Lodges of Peru
October 25 to November 7, 2013

Greetings from the trekking group to Peru.


Tour Schedule: We spend the day today reveling in the spectacular mountain scenery of Soraypampa and its guardians, Salkantay and Huamantay, taking a brief but challenging day hike and enjoying the luxury and tranquility of the Salkantay Lodge. After breakfast at the lodge, those wishing to take the day hike will pack their daypacks with energy snacks and embark on the most popular activity at Soraypampa - up the slopes of the base of Huamantay to see the azure glacial lakes nestled beneath the mountain. This hike is somewhat challenging, with some steep uphill sections. The “half-day” hike will take approximately three to four hours round-trip from the lodge. This activity is excellent for acclimatization and a first immersion into high-mountain trekking. There are further options for walks in the nearby forest area or horseback riding from the lodge. Of course, there is always the wonderful Jacuzzi! In the evening, our guide will brief us on gear and the itinerary for the next four days.

From Peter:
To further our acclimation to the altitude, early this morning we left Sankatay Lodge at 12,690 feet for a day hike up from the pampa to Humantay Ccocha, a glacial lake at 13,845 feet beneath the glaciers of Humantay.

Trekking guide Lixayda (Lisa)

The steady easy going hike took us along the south side of a valley through grasslands with free range cattle. At the lower reaches deep dark soil of recently tilled and newly planted potato patches flanked the trail. Potatoes of various types are a valued staple of the diet in Peru. We've had them served with virtually all our meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kathy, Susan and Mary Ann

Chandra, Dev and Rajeev

The sound of rushing water enveloped us all day long. We came across white hair cactus with brilliant yellow blooms along the rock strewn slopes, but then the condors.

half way on our hike to the glacier lake we saw 6 condors!

They came sweeping around the upper reaches above the trail. One clearly younger, with maybe a five foot foot wing span, seemingly practicing flying off of the up currents – Dramatic.

Behind the first melt stream we crossed as we neared the lake an immense alpine meadow open opened up to the west. Horses and mules were grazing.

The final 400 feet, or so, took us up a glacial moraine across the primary outflow from the lake, and to the lake at the base of this striking peak. The glaciers above are magnificent, clinging to the beautiful black rock face of Humantay.

Then, what can I say, lakes are for swimming. So under a beautiful bright sky those of us with suits, and several of us without, took the plunge... maybe three, or four, minutes of exposure before stepping out into dry, relatively warm air. Very, very pleasant.

An enthralling hike, with a return down the north side of the valley. The expanse of the Salkantaypampa spread out below us. Beautiful green, peaceful, grasslands, where we'll spend one more night before heading out to cross the Salkantay Pass at 15,213 feet.


last rays of the sun light up Salkantay - view from the hot-tub