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Mary Ann Foster
Chandra Kudsia
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Rajeev Kudsia
Peter Troop
Kathy Yates

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Sanjay Saxena

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Guido Huaman
Lixayda Vasquez


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Featuring the Mountain Lodges of Peru
October 25 to November 7, 2013

Greetings from the trekking group to Peru.

Sunday, October 27th – EXPLORING SACRED VALLEY / TO CUSCO (11,050 ft)

Tour Schedule: This morning we visit Pisac, not only an Inca site, its also well know for its Sunday market. After spending some time at the market we climb up the hill to the Incan ruins, known as Inca Písac. The ruins are separated along the ridge into four groups: Pisaqa, Intihuatana, Q'allaqasa, and Kinchiracay. Intihuatana group includes the Temple of the Sun, baths, altars, water fountains, a ceremonial platform, and an intihuatana, a volcanic outcrop carved into a “hitching post for the Sun” (or Inti).

We will continue on to Chinchero, another small wonderful Andean Indian village that dates back to the Inca times. There are beautiful views overlooking the Sacred Valley, with the Cordillera Vilcabamba and the snow-capped peak of Salkantay dominating the western horizon. Locals believe that that it is the mythical birthplace of the rainbow. There is a Sunday Market in this town too.

From Rajeev:
We awoke to the wonderful sounds of Peruvian birds, it rained overnight leaving a fresh feel for the morning. After breakfast we checked out and headed for Chinchero (pictured above), another Inca ruin at 12,600 feet, with a lively Sunday market place. We experienced the Sacred Church while in session with the local was amazing! We also toured the local market.

Peter & Kathy
enjoying an Inka "love seat"

Sanjay, Dev, Chandra and Rajeev

After lunch we headed to Pisac (below), at the far end of the Sacred Valley. Another ruin on top of the mountain, we experienced a beautiful sunset and navigated through some interesting rock based terrain. There were lots of vendors selling various trinkets; they are very sweet. Sanjay was busy making toy balloon animals for the kids selling items; they were ecstatic, perhaps never having seen this before.

Being in the mountains is a wonderful feeling, and South America is delivering a very special experience. We have had some light hiking in the various ruins to get ready for the hike and we all seem to be acclimating to the altitude well. After sunset we came back to Cusco and checked in to Palacio Del Inka; a beautiful hotel with some amazing architecture. Looking forward to enjoying Cusco all day tomorrow; including our welcome dinner.

From Chandra:
Incas made some observation posts, high up on the mountain ranges to keep an eye on their empire and any intruders. We went to one such post, ruin is called Pisac (pictured above & below). We had a long climb up, gained fair height and distance. As always, views were spectacular. At the top, one could see the deep valley and mountain cliffs. On the opposite was a cliff with series of what appeared to be holes in the cliff side we learnt that these were actually niches for Inca mummies, a haunting reminder of how people struggled with the hereafter and mortality in those times.


Dev at the high point at Pisac ruins

Below are some images from the Sunday market at Chinchero Village:

our "Master Guide" Guido Huaman