The Team

Susan Carder
Mary Ann Foster
Chandra Kudsia
Dev Kudsia
Rajeev Kudsia
Peter Troop
Kathy Yates

Trek Leader
Sanjay Saxena

Peruvian Guides
Guido Huaman
Lixayda Vasquez


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Featuring the Mountain Lodges of Peru
October 25 to November 7, 2013

Greetings from the trekking group to Peru.


Tour schedule: After flying from Lima to Cusco we drive to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, which at 9000 feet is two thousand lower than Cusco. Our overnight in the Valley will allow for better acclimatization, while giving us an opportunity of exploring this historical Inca site. We will have a relaxed morning and mid-afternoon we head out to visit the important Inca archaeological site of Ollantay Tambo. During the Inca Empire, this was the royal estate of Emperor Pachacuti who conquered the region, built the town and a ceremonial center. We will climb up to the ruins, explore the site and stay there for sunset before returning to our hotel. To allow for individual choice, meals are on own today.

Inka ruins at Ollantay Tambo

Old man of the mountain (center rock formation) with Inca storage structure on the right

From Rajeev's journal:
We all departed Lima for Cuzco in the late morning and were met by our Peruvian guide "Guido". Cuzco lies at 11,000 feet. We were driven into the Sacred Valley surrounded by the beautiful Andean mountains. We arrived at our hotel along the Urubamba river. The lodge was majestic, worthy of a 3 night stay on its own. We then traveled down the valley to Ollyantotambo. We climbed the stairs at the base of the mountain and experienced the amazing Inca ruins. We were able to view the "Man on the Mountain" (above) and "Veronica" in the distance, an 18,000 foot peak with beautiful ice caps.

The Sacred Valley is gorgeous.....the mountains tower thousands of feet on both side. We were all quite tired by the end of the day from jet lag and overnight flights, we had an early night after a very nice dinner at the hotel.

the town of Ollantay Tambo

This third adventure trip with Sanjay was made more enjoyable when Rajeev and Dev decided to join it. And with Susan and her cousins joining us from California, it feels like one big vacation with family and friends.

Arrival at Lima: It was such a relief to see my baggage arrive - it was the last piece (I had this vision of luggage getting lost in transition at Miami). Exiting from airport straight to Ramada made it easy. Slept right through the night and did not know when Sanjay came in to occupy bed no:2.

Cusco: descent into Cusco is through a valley in the Andean range, landed under good weather conditions while watching the scenic mountain and off to the Urubamba Valley we drove.

Gift of Nature - The sacred valley: Urubamba river - part of Amazon river system – flows through this valley. Hotel Rio Sagrado has the most beautiful setting beside the rive, surrounded by mountains, beautiful gardens, 360 view. Its other name could be Shangri La. I could easily stay at this place with Wendy for a few days to commiserate with nature and the lost Inca Empire.

Temple Hike: Grand structure, vast stepping stones structure, looks like terraces leading to to the top. Temple configuration focused on the rising Sun, it's path through the day and the setting Sun taking full advantage of the surrounding mountain range. Incas must have thought deeply about it

An old Inca wall with a new one

marketplace at Ollantay Tambo