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Trek to Everest Base Camp

Friday, May 2 – TO KALA PATHAR (18,200 ft.) & ONWARDS

Tour schedule: Being directly opposite Everest, Kala Pathar (18,200 ft) offers some of the best panoramic views of Everest. In fact, most of the famous pictures of Mt. Everest’s rock pyramid peak are taken from Kalapathar (photo on left). We have a relaxed morning and after an early lunch, we start our slow but steady climb (no technical climbing required), reaching the black stone peak of the mountain by late afternoon. After spending some time on the peak (we may stay to watch the setting sun light up Everest’s rocky summit) and talking a number of photographs we descend back to our camp at Lobuche.

And the day unfolds:

Carl contemplating Mt. Nuptse

Soo Wai, Mike (in front) with Akshay, Sanjay & Linda at the summit of Kala Pathar

Everest peaking out behind Nuptse

Writes Sanjay:
We reached Louboche by early afternoon with great skies. I had time to set my camera up and make a time lapse of Nuptse
as seen in the 30 sec movie below:

This time lapse consits of 680 images taken at 5 sec intervals and then stitched together to playback at 24 images per sec.