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Trek to Everest Base Camp

Friday. April 25 – TREK TO NAMCHE BAZAAR (11,300 ft)

Tour schedule: A Challenging day with many ups and downs to the final steep trail leading into Namche Bazaar. Along the trail are villages interspersed with forests of rhododendron, magnolia trees, and giant firs. Towards the end of the day, about halfway up the final hill to Namche, we find our first views of the snowed-capped summits of Lhotse (27,916 feet) and Mt. Everest (29,035 feet). Arranged in a steep amphitheater at 11,300 feet, the town is packed with shops and small lodges, not to mention the winter homes of many prominent Sherpa families. Namche is the trading center for the entire Khumbu region, and the nexus of Sherpa social life. We stay is a lodge founded by Pasang Kame (a famed Everester) in what is “ground zero” for Everest climbs. Most of the well-known Everest summitters have stayed here at one time or the other and lend their names to the various rooms. We will walk about the bazaar and explore the heart of Sherpa community.

And the day unfolds by John Rose:
Today was a big day for the group. Many aspects of this trek have special significance. Today was the infamous climb to Namche Bazaar. Not only is this the home of the Sherpa community but it was our first major climb and hard physical day.

Soon after starting our day's hike, we had our first view of the high Himalaya.
KhumbiLa (sacred mountain of Namche Bazaar - our destination for tonight)

the lower bridge is not is use any longer - note the Yaks crossing the upper bridge

Our group crossed several high suspension bridges across the Dudh Kosi River. After our final bridge (photo above), we started the nearly 1500 foot climb to Namche Bazaar. Halfway up the hill we got our first glimpse of Everest in the distance (looks a lot closer in the picture below by Sanjay Saxena, as he was using a 300 mm lens.)

Halfway up the Namche hill, we got our first view of Everest

Mingmar and Dorji Nima - First view of Namche Bazaar as we round the corner

The group did fantastic. There was no let up in the ascent. We all felt the altitude today. After reaching our destination, we did a short acclimatization climb to the Sherpa and Mt. Everest museum. The Sherpa museum was amazing with pictures of many Sherpa’s who have summited Everest including our Sherpa trek leader, Mingmar Sherpa and one of our Sherpa guides - Dorjee Sherpa (pictured below).

At the Sherpa Museum – Dorjee, one of our Sherpa Guide, who has climbed Everest

It is a beautiful museum that attempts to pay honor to the strong and dedicated people. Our Sherpas have been amazing and will do all they can to make our trek enjoyable and safe.

David Breashears came down from Base Camp to join our group for couple of days. He accompanied us on our afternoon hike,. He will be speaking of the recent events at base camp from which he just returned.

More adventures to come.