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Trek to Everest Base Camp


Tour schedule: This day serves as a back-up day for us to fly out from Lukla, in case the flight was cancelled the day before because of inclement weather. Kathmandu’s legendary temple sites and stupas are truly amazing, and are simultaneously revered as sacred reliquaries and bustling with contemporary social life. The eyes of the Lord Buddha gaze serenely upon the Kathmandu Valley from atop the photogenic Buddhist stupa at Bodnath, a World Heritage Site. Bodnath is also home to a sizeable Tibetan community and is a wonderful place to witness traditional Buddhist ritual, as well as to shop for Tibetan arts and crafts. Kathmandu is also home to the great Hindu temple at Pashupatinath, located on the banks of the Bagmati River. This is a major pilgrimage site for the followers of Shiva, drawing Hindu faithful from around the world. Although the temple is off-limits to non-Hindus, travelers can still visit the temple precincts and view the temple from the opposite bank of the Bagmati. From here, one can see the temple’s cremation ghats and witness firsthand the Hindu cycle of life.

Some pictures from our day's excursion:

Bodhnath Stupa - an UNESCO World Heritage Site

oil lamps lit at Bodhnath Stupa in memory of departed souls

Bodhnath Stupa
(from the rooftop of an adjacent temple)

Historical Patan Square - another UNESCO World Heritage Site that we visited

at Patan Square

Sanjay writes:
The morning was spent visiting two of Kathmandu's World Heritage sites (Bodhnath & Patan descrition above). After a free afteroon, the group gathered at the Bar in the Yak & Yeti for one final group drink in the evening. After desert (a tasty birthday cake for Brent) and a series of good-bye, half the group headed for the airport for their flight on Cathy's to Hong Kong, connecting to the West Coast.

The rest of us Mike, Soo Wai, Akshay, Linda, Janakie, Suzanne, Dana, Vince, Mingmar, Seth and I headed off to a local restaurant for our last chicken Mo Mos and Dal Bhat. Tomorrow the rest of us depart on various airlines.

N A M A S T E !