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Trek to Everest Base Camp


Tour schedule: We say goodbye to our trekking staff, and prepare to make the return to Kathmandu. Weather permitting the morning flight will get us back to the Nepali capital, where we will return to the cozy confines of the Yak & Yeti Hotel. The remainder of the day will be at your leisure to shop, wander the bazaars and enjoy exotic Kathmandu.

Woke up pre-dawn to see a star filled sky - good weather! and promptly went back to bed, only to wake in time for breakfast and see tons of low clouds rolling in - yikees! no early morning flights had landed. At breakfast everyone was upbeat, yet sober – I am sure the same thoughts were going through everyone mind - will we be able to fly out today or will we be stuck like the other groups. Half our group is scheduled to depart Nepal tomorrow, the rest the day after. No flights had landed yesterday morning, but three did land just as we were walking to Lukla (mid-afternoon, which is quite late). By 11:00 am no flights had landed but lots of ferrys by the B2, B3 helicopters. As a group we decided that we will take the Russian helicopter back to Kathmandu and not risk the weather getting worse and being stuck in Lukla for another day. Once I finalized the contact the chopper flew to Jiri to install all of the seats and then came to get us.

Following are some pictures of the helicopter.

The Russian made cargo helicopter being prepped for our group flight to Kathmandu

tightly packed inside the chopper (they must have learnt from UA!)

safely on ground at Kathmandu Airport (Greg getting his photo taken)

Afternoon was simply used by everyone to shower, get clean clothes, relax by the pool. We met in the evening and went out for a "Traditional Nepali" farewell dinner.