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Destination Sri Lanka

Formerly known as Ceylon, this small island nation to the south of India is 70% Buddhist. Most of the land is flat and rolling and supports coffee, tea, and rubber plantations. But Sri Lanka is best known for its idyllic palm fringed beaches, ancient cities, and never-ending festivals.

There is a carnival-like atmosphere to everyday life in Sri Lanka.  Spectacles abound.  Fabulously painted elephants lumber along beside brass bands and boys on stilts.  Fishermen drop their sails and deposit loads of shimmering fish on the sand. And everyone pauses to watch the blazing sunsets at day's end.

Later this spring, we will be introducing our group tours and safaris to Sri Lanka. World Heritage sites, wildlife parks, tea estates and pristine beaches are just a few of the many wonders that will be featured in our Sri Lanka itineraries.

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Overlook above Kandy City
Overview of Kandy

Tea Garden
Tea plantation


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