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Overland from Lhasa to Kathmandu
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Greetings from the Himalaya group.

On the road to Shegar (Oct 3, 2011):

Shigatse to Shegar
Another spectacular drive through Tibetan countryside, climbing to a pass at 17,200 feet, (the highest pass of the trip) where we made a brief stop to take pictures. All the passes are covered with thousands of Tibetan prayer flags. These flags (for want of a better word) have good luck prayers printed on them and everyone downwind is blessed with the prayers. Prayer flags were strung from every high point - roof tops to nearby mountain peaks - where ever one looked, one was sure to see the flags.

We were down wind a lot and were surely one blessed group, especially when it came to whether. This travel day was the only day with some inclement weather.

Shegar is at 14,200 feet, stayed there for one night.

Sonam our Tibetan Master Guide