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Destination Mongolia

Mongolia, high on the map of Asia, offers many gifts for the more intrepid traveler. In desolate, wind-swept grassland valleys, encircled by snowy peaks, sparse human habitation blends seamlessly with haunting natural beauty.  This is a land of nomadic horsemen and women, who cling to traditions and a way of life dating back to the time of Chinggis Khan.  They are camel herders, artisans, and craftspeople: silversmiths, leather boot makers and felt makers.  Here, Shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism intermingle.  Their eerie harmonic throat-singing suggests a place apart.  Mongolia remains one of the world’s last remaining pristine ecosystems.  In contrast to the congestion of much of Asia, here you will find the lowest population density on the continent, the cleanest freshwater lakes and the bluest skies.

The year 2006 marked the 800th anniversary of the Great Mongolian Empire, proclaimed by Chinggis Khan in 1206.  It was the grandson of Chinggis Khan who received one day, amidst great fanfare, the quintessential adventurer Marco Polo.  Having set out from Venice at the age of 17, Polo arrived bearing gifts: letters from Pope Gregory X and holy oil from the Tomb of the Sepulchre.  He had traveled through Persia and Afghanistan and crossed the vast Gobi Desert, to reach the court of the great Mongolian emperor, Kublai Khan.  It took him three and a half years to get there. It will take you but a day!

Get in touch with your inner Marco Polo. Our group tours to Mongolia (being introduced this summer) will feature the famous Naadam festival, horse and camel safaris, family adventures (including dinosaur fossil digs), the Gobi desert, and treks in the western mountains.

Essential Mongolia – with Naadam Festival

Travel Tailor-Made (custom tours) available now.

Young mongolian Girl
Young girl
Photo: Gillian Marshall

Riding an elephantKazakhi eagle hunter
Photo: Gillian Marshall


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