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Tours to South India

Since ancient times, India has been coveted as a prize by many a military force.  From Alexander the Great to the modern British, India was invaded for its riches, its jewels, and its mystique.  Somehow South India remained relatively unaffected by the invasions in the North.  Here is where the true ancient Indian, the Dravidian culture survived.

While traveling through Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, you will explore the unique and breathtaking architecture, sculpture, ancient culture and legacy left behind by the Pallava, Chola and Pandya dynasties, and get an insight into pure India.  Top off your tour with a few days in the calm and leisurely paced life on the backwaters of the Queen of the Arabian Sea – Cochin, or at one of the many Ayurvedic spas.

Explore South India on these itineraries or call to plan your private journey.

Kathakali performer
Kathakali performer

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