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The jewel in the British Empire was not India, it was Rajasthan.  The state abounds with magnificent forts and palaces.  Rajasthan is the fabled land of the Maharajas of India.  The Rajput's highly-evolved code of honor and chivalry probably rivaled that of the medieval European knights. As proud as the Rajputs are, they are friendly and warm and delight in welcoming visitors into their homes.

India is a land of festivals - indeed, almost every day of the year, there is a festival taking place somewhere in this vast sub-continent. This is particularly true of Rajasthan, where, against the backdrop of stark, desert sands, the gaiety of the festivals epitomizes the spirit and resilience of the Rajputs.

Pushkar Camel Fair is a riot of color and excitement where close to a quarter of a million camels, horses and livestock - all elaborately decorated - are brought together for trading. There are camel races, musicians, entertainers and crowds of people from all over Rajasthan, decked out in their traditional finery. Pushkar is also one of the most sacred places of pilgrimage for Hindus as it is the site of the only temple in India dedicated to Brahma the Creator. In addition to the annual gathering at Pushkar, Rajasthan also offers innumerable colorful festivals at Bikaner, Nagaur and Jaipur - to name a few.

Explore Rajasthan on any of the following itineraries or call to plan your private journey, especially one that includes staying at the exclusive Dera Sand Dune Resort.

Itineraries featuring Rajasthan

“I have traveled for over thirty years all over the world. This (Rajasthan Tour) was the best trip I have taken.”
- Robert Werra, CA

mural at Palace entrance
Mural at palace entrance

camels at sunset
Camel at sunset


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