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Tours to North India

The lands of North India have been at the epicenter of the nation’s history for millennia, and home to several of India’s most exciting and popular travel destinations.  Himalayan mountain peaks, Rajasthani desert sands, imposing citadels and flamboyant palaces, nature and wildlife preserves, like Ranthambore and Kanha, and great cities, such as Delhi and Kolkata, signify North India at its finest.  Diversity abounds, be it the scenery or the spoken word, as the North is home to a variety of cultures, peoples, religions and languages.

North India continues to be the heart of Indian political life, with the national capital at Delhi, and of intellectual life in Kolkata.  Varanasi, the spiritual capital of Hindu India, speaks to the religious importance of North India for the faithful.  Temples and shrines of great cultural significance abound in places like Khajuraho, Sanchi, Ajanta and Ellora.  Historic cities, such as Agra and Gwalior, and the sublime fortressed cities of exotic Rajasthan, are truly unforgettable.  Mumbai, straddling the divide between North and South India, is a major economic hub and the arguably the filmmaking capital of the world. 

Indeed, each of these singular locales is worth an in-depth visit.  North India is an exceptional travel destination, whether your tastes run to festivals, art and architecture, wildlife, or mountain treks. 

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Kathakali performer
Sunrise on the Ganga, Varanasi
Kathakali performer
The fort at Gwalior
Photo: Gillian Marshall

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