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List of Cultural Tours & Safaris

Few words such as these conjure up a more luscious image of carefree, unimpeded travel.  If you chose a Luxury Tour or Safari, you can expect to spend your days relaxing or exploring, moving happily and securely without worries, while we attend to a myriad of daily details. You will travel in private cars with carefully chosen drivers and knowledgeable guides to explore wildlife preserves, and historical centers  - including UNESCO world heritage sites - and sleep blissfully at night in some of the finest hotels in the world.  We have culled a list of the most romantic, luxury accommodations on the Subcontinent. 

Throughout our lifetime, travel takes many forms, and there comes a moment when we prefer the softer, gentler adventure, with all the comforts of home - and then some. Whether you are on your honeymoon, enjoying your retirement, or simply celebrating your existence, let us pamper you. Join a Luxury Tour or Safari group, or let us plan an individualized trip just for you.

Featured Tours & Safaris for 2016

To the North base camp of Everest with David Breashears
Stupa in Kathmandu

Himalayan Kingdoms
with Ashok Jain

Bhutan is an immensely beautiful and serene land, and is a place where the Buddhist faith of its people remains the nation’s most vital cultural force. The Bhutanese joyously express their fervent faith during their festivals; in particular, the annual Wangdi Festival is one of Bhutan's most preeminent ..........more.

16 Days – Easy to moderate touring

With Paro Festival in Bhutan
March 9 – 24, 2016

Roses and marigold petals make up temple offerings
Temple offerings
Photo: Gillian Marshall

Exploring South India
Feb. 13 - Mar 1, 2016 – Thrissur Pooram
Nov. 3 to 19, 2016 - Kalapathy Festival

While traveling through the southern states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, we will explore the unique and breathtaking architecture, sculpture, ancient culture, and rich legacy of the Pallava, Chola, and Pandya dynasties.

17 Days: Easy to Moderate Touring

Photo Cultural Tour to Rajasthan
Rajput man, Pushkar

Palaces of India with Ashok Jain
Feb. 1 – 15, 2016
Dec. 6 – 20, 2016

The exploits and incomparably lavish and extravagant lifestyles of the maharajahs, maharanas, maharanis, nizams, princes and princesses of India are the stuff of legend. While these storied royals no longer wield the same political clout as before, many former ruling families still hold prestigious places – and prestigious palaces – in their society. Whereas in days gone by, these residences .............. more

15 Days: Easy Touring

Khajuraho temple

Essential India
Departures on demand: Oct., Nov., Mar. & Apr.

India is a truly vibrant country, pulsating with energy and bursting with life, a land where history, culture, color, cuisine and nature are on display in their myriad forms. North India is an exceptional travel destination, and on this trip we hit all the highlights, including the vibrant cities of Delhi and Mumbai, historic sites such as Gwalior and Agra, the spiritual centers of Varanasi and Khajuraho, and the romantic Rajasthani cities of Jaipur and Udaipur.

17 Days: Easy to Moderate Touring

Bhutan Tour
Taktsang Gompa

Essential Bhutan
Monthly departures: Oct., Nov., Mar. & Apr.

Tucked away high in the Himalayas, bordering Tibet and the Northeastern Frontier provinces of India, and with a population of less than 800,000, Bhutan is a place of peace and natural beauty. More than any country in the world, Bhutan has implemented a national policy created to preserve its cultural identity. Starting off in the capital Thimphu, we take in the highlights of Thimphu and Wangdi Valleys, before heading out to explore Bumthang in eastern Bhutan. Ending in the pristine Paro Valley, we hike to Taktsang - Tiger’s Nest.

16 Days: Easy to Moderate Touring

Potala Palace, Lhasa
Photo: Gillian Marshall

Essential Tibet
Monthly departures: Jun., Jul., Aug. & Sep.

This trip has been tailored to allow travelers to take in the sites that comprise “Essential Tibet.”  The heart of Tibet, the central provinces of Ü and Tsang are home to four of Tibet’s major monasteries, its three largest cities, two of its most sacred lakes, and one unforgettable palace - not to mention a host of other incredible attractions.  The highly experienced and knowledgeable Amy Head & John Harper lead these departures.

16 Days: Moderate High Altitude Touring

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