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Classic iconic tours to India Tibet Nepal Bhutan Mongoia

We are often asked – “if you can go only once to India or Tibet, where would you go?” Our “Essential” series of tours, which also include Bhutan and Mongolia, are just that – places you simply must visit if you are going to make only one trip to that destination.

These Classic Adventures hit all the high points and take in all of the "must see" sites in Tibet, India, Bhutan and Mongolia. These are 16 and17 day trips, tailored to insure that you experience the best that each of these wonderful locales has to offer, while also offering a relaxed pace and time to thoroughly absorb the culture and unique lifestyles of these exceptional Asian destinations. Our Classic Adventures offer select dates to Tibet and Mongolia, and several monthly departures to India and Bhutan. So where will you choose to go?

Tibetan monks at prayer

Essential Tibet
Departures on demand: Jun., Jul., Aug. & Sep.

This trip has been tailored to allow travelers to take in the sites that comprise “Essential Tibet.”  The heart of Tibet, the central provinces of Ü and Tsang are home to four of Tibet’s major monasteries, its three largest cities, two of its most sacred lakes, and one unforgettable palace - not to mention a host of other incredible attractions.  The highly experienced and knowledgeable Amy Head & John Harper lead these departures.

16 Days: Moderate High Altitude Touring

Young performer at Naadam Festival
Photo: B. Balik

Essential Mongolia
Departures on demand: Jun., Jul., Aug. & Sep.

Mongolia is one of the world’s most exotic and exceptional travel destinations. Nestled high on the map of Asia, Mongolia offers many gifts for the more intrepid traveler. In desolate, wind-swept grassland valleys, encircled by snowy peaks, sparse human habitation blends seamlessly with haunting natural beauty. While in Mongolia, we partake in the annual Naadam Festival in Karakorum, the historic city of Genghis Khan. Continue on to explore the flaming cliffs of the great Gobi Desert, visiting a nomad family, before returning back to the USA.

14 Days: Easy to Moderate Touring

July 3 - 16, 2009 (featuring the Naadam Festival)
Aug 21 – Sep. 3, 2009

Taj Mahal

Essential India
Departures on demand: Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct & Nov

India is a truly vibrant country, pulsating with energy and bursting with life, a land where history, culture, color, cuisine and nature are on display in their myriad forms. North India is an exceptional travel destination, and on this trip we hit all the highlights, including the vibrant cities of Delhi and Mumbai, historic sites such as Gwalior and Agra, the spiritual centers of Varanasi and Khajuraho, and the romantic Rajasthani cities of Jaipur and Udaipur.

17 Days: Easy to Moderate Touring

Bhutan Tour
Taksang (Tiger's Nest)

Essential Bhutan
Departures on demand: Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct & Nov

Tucked away high in the Himalayas, bordering Tibet and the Northeastern Frontier provinces of India, and with a population of less than 800,000, Bhutan is a place of peace and natural beauty. More than any country in the world, Bhutan has implemented a national policy created to preserve its cultural identity. Starting off in the capital Thimphu, we take in the highlights of Thimphu and Wangdi Valleys, before heading out to explore Bumthang in eastern Bhutan. Ending in the pristine Paro Valley, we hike to Taktsang - Tiger’s Nest.

16 Days: Easy to Moderate Touring

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